About Us

REALINFOTECH is a Nigerian based Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions firm. Our company provides essential services in the development of ICT in Nigeria and are we offering key capabilities required throughout the following sector of the economy:

Public sector

Private sector



One of the principle objectives of REALINFOTECH is the development of skills for Nigerian professionals in the Information and Communication Technology industry. We hope to achieve this by the establishment of partnership associations with experienced overseas Information and Communication Technology companies. This will bring the necessary skills training for our people.

In addition, we are developing skills training programmes that will reach out to the unreached in the society. The main operating criterion for the future for REALINFOTECH is a controlled on-going development initiative. This will underpin all of our activities. Nigeria needs companies such as ours to foster a strong internal country Information and Communication Technology capability in support of the government’s local content initiative and all of the international operators establishing permanent bases in the country. It can be seen that the services offered by REALINFOTECH are all relevant to the current developments in Nigeria with major investment being undertaken in the Information and Communication Technology sector.