About Us

Hovaka Security Limited is a high profile company specializes in security consultancy, guards, protocol, car rental, offshore armed marine security, armed police escort and protection, security and investigations, Offshore security vessel provider.
Security Services: Overall security review including physical security system/test information data protection and employee reliability.
Structuring Security measures.
Preventing theft and exposing embezzlement.
Hovaka specializes in professional installation of overt and covert surveillance security that includes
Counter surveillance, advanced technological surveillance using GPS, Installation of video equipment, digital recording devices, New solutions regarding technical espionage, Supply/Installation of electronic security systems and advanced filming system.
Hovaka provides consulting services to major and leading companies in Nigeria. It firmly believes in establishment of a complete security system that includes humans, physical, technological security and supervising existing security systems.
Hovaka try to learn and keep up to date on security matters and adapt ourselves and clients to the changes in Nigeria/Africa markets in other to achieve optimal security levels.
The company deals in training its customers in order to emphasize the awareness of the knowledge of safety/security thereby improving and upgrading the level of it.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence